You're Invited to a Super Bowl Party!
CP Archive: 4:00 pm Feb 3 at a Weitz Exec's Home Near You
For Immediate Release:

On Friday February 1, the Collaborators Project designated The Weitz Company with Permanent Collaborator Status (PCS). The first major post-PCS event is scheduled for February 3rd Super Bowl party at the Meggisons!

Yes, it's the first annual Collaborators Project Super Bowl block party! Please RSVP in advance to Don't miss the kick off! Arrive at 11284 W Asbury Ave, Lakewood, Colorado at Gary Meggison's home by 4 p.m. (just west of Kipling on Asbury). We're getting enough RSVPs that we may party on two fronts, and have a second to-be-announced location!

We will enjoy the game on radio, have chips, drinks, and a tailgate party complete with a BBQ in the back of a pickup! The kids can enjoy a football toss, and we'll have lots of good food and fellowship! But it won't be all fun and games, because we're there to ensure that there is no child-killing with tranquility. So, remember to bring your abortion protest signs! This is sure to be the most memorable Super Bowl party you've ever been to! And unlike many others that day, we will celebrate for the unborn babies who will never get the chance to watch a Super Bowl because they will be killed by Planned Parenthood abortionists in the facility The Weitz Company is building for that purpose. More details to come!

Together for life (Hey, that's a long time!)

p.s. Please pray for the Weitz executives. Their actions led CP to designate their 150-year old billion-dollar national firm with PCS (Permanent Collaborator Status)> CP encourages pro-life organizations to include Weitz' sites, their clients' sales offices, and their clients' and executives' homes, in ongoing protests for the coming years. Many of us have protested abortionists homes for almost twenty years, with no hope of getting them to stop, but to deter medical students from becoming child killers. The same successful strategy will now be used with collaborators, turning Weitz into the hub, and their clients into the spokes, of our national collaborators project designed to position Weitz as the poster child of the abortion collaborators. So, the Collaborators Project has used donated funds to purchase residential contact information including phone numbers and addresses for thousands of people in the construction industry. But if you know the home address of any executives of any of Weitz' clients, whether in Colorado or anywhere in the country, please forward that information to CP! Weitz is the perfect target for ongoing anti-abortion protests, because:
* Weitz' own executives and their top clients live in upscale neighborhoods;
* Weitz is a billion dollar firm (their anguish will be newsworthy);
* Weitz is distributed geographically so that their locations and their clients' homes will be conveniently located near far-flung activists;
* Weitz is not just peripherally involved in killing children, but by actually building an abortion clinic, they have made themselves the bull's-eye.