Leading Pro-lifer Mark Crutcher alerts readers to Weitz deadline

CP Note: Author of Lime 5 and LifeDynamics founder Mark Cruthcer has alerted his national readership to a press release issued by CP! The Collaborators Project has received press from the LA Times, the Chicago Tribune, virtually all the major media in Colorado, etc., but the best exposure for our effort is through the conservative and pro-life news outlets like LifeNews.com, Crutcher's ProLifeAmerica.com, and WorldNetDaily!

Crutcher News Flash: Protests Against the Weitz Construction Firm Building Denver's Abortion Clinic have Snowballed into a National Effort

Source: Christian Newswire Source: "The aggressive protests against the Weitz construction firm building Denver's new abortion clinic have snowballed into nationwide commitments from many organizations," said Will Duffy, founder of the Collaborators Project, "to conduct years of home protests against Weitz' clients and their executives. These long-term targeted residential protest commitments will trigger on Jan. 31st at midnight."