Colorado Radio Talk Show promotes Collaborators Project focus on Weitz
America's most powerful Christian radio station, AM 670 KLTT in Denver, Colorado, airs a daily talk show, Bob Enyart Live, which has picked up on the Collaborators Project! This program is currently doing a radio countdown of the days until The Weitz Company deadline of January 31st, 2008. The talk show host, Bob Enyart, even wrote a letter which went to many Weitz executives:

Bill Hornaday [Rocky Mountain division president]
The Weitz Company
4725 South Monaco St, Ste 100
Denver CO 80237

January 23, 2008

Dear Mr. Hornaday,

Please forward this to your legal department and your largest shareholders. Your lawyers may view this letter as a threat. Your shareholders will view it worse than that. I am not a newcomer to the anti-abortion movement like Will Duffy is. I'm a 20-year protest leader who has working relationships with street leaders nationwide.

Having a billion-dollar firm with a distributed presence as the centerpiece of a national collaborators project is going to transform one aspect of the anti-abortion movement. It appears that Weitz will be the cornerstone of that long-term project, giving this collaborator effort a cohesiveness that the movement has not previously had.

Duffy's idea of permanent collaborator status has gained traction with the leaders of street-level activists. For 20 years, groups like Operation Rescue, Missionaries to the Preborn, Operation Save America, and a dozen others have had difficulty launching a collaborators project because the targets were too small and it was very difficult for us to measure the success or even convey the purpose of such efforts. Activists in Palm Beach could target a local plumbing company, in Omaha protest a roofing company doing clinic repairs, in Colorado Springs a paving company, in Tempe a medical waste service, etc., but the return on investment ( i.e. increased social tension and 3rd-party deterrence)was insufficient to sustain the effort. Enter Weitz.

The Weitz Company is set to become the long-term centerpiece of a coordinated national protest of anger and resentment against those who collaborate in the killing of unborn children. Weitz will help the effort to stop killing children whatever it does. If Weitz stops constructing Denver's abortion clinic by January 31st, you will encourage the very people and street movement you despise. If Weitz ignores Will Duffy's deadline, and he designates Weitz with Permanent Collaborator Status, then for as many years as Planned Parenthood kills children in the building you prepared for them, the street activists will have a billion-dollar firm with its executives' homes and geographically distributed clients to turn into an example of what happens to collaborators.

February 1, 2008 will be a day like any other for activists. They get up, decide where they will protest, and head out. For Weitz, that day will either be the end of their foray into abortion politics, or the beginning of the long grind. I chaired a meeting 19 years ago, at which we determined that Denver's main abortion clinic needed a daily protest, and since then, street activists have missed fewer than 10 days there. In 19 years. During that time, Denver activists also launched a systematic protest of abortionist homes, especially on the eight major annual holidays, and this has resulted in an enormous pay-off in the attitude of even pro-choice medical students who refuse to become abortionists regardless of the easy and big money, because dermatologists don't have undesirables outside their homes on Christmas. In the Weitz parallel, your executives, like the abortionists who will never quit anyway, will become the focus of long-term residential protests in a cohesive plan to discourage other potential collaborators.

Far worse than a mere boycott, street protesters decide daily where to go to make the biggest impact, so the sales office of your biggest client will look like an excellent target, because in addition to just displaying pictures of dead babies, that time on the street will also reinforce the national effort focusing on Weitz to discourage collaborators. But such protesters are considered the bottom rung of the anti-abortion forces. There are architects, millionaires, engineers, church and government officials, who are fiercely anti-abortion, and quietly, even secretly, they will honor pcs by steering business away from Weitz. Clearly you can't replace such lost revenue by becoming the builder of choice, specializing in abortion mills.

If Weitz quits by January 31, you may be despised by pro-abortion groups, but they mostly sleep in on Saturday mornings, and won't show up at your homes. If you ignore Duffy's deadline, your billion-dollar firm, its top clients and executives, will not only help launch, but become the centerpiece of the national collaborators project. February 1 will be the beginning of Weitz' participation in the grind of the long war against abortion, or it will be the end.

Bob Enyart
(daily radio talk show host for 17 years)


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