Major national site, WorldNetDaily, publicizes Weitz' Jan. 31 Deadline
Collaborators Project
For Immediate Release, the number one pro-life, conservative news source with five million unique visitors a month is linking to in a frontpage story about the January 31, 2008 deadline imposed on The Weitz Company! The article, titled, "Abortion opponents ready to declare 'collaborators': Warn construction company of 'years' of coming protests," lists support for the impending declaration of "permanent collaborator status" from major pro-life groups including one of the nations largest anti-abortion group with nearly one-hundred affiliated leaders around the country, the American Life League, and from Colorado's largest anti-abortion group, Colorado RTL.


Judie Brown, the president of ALL is quoted saying that the Collaborators Project, "has established a Jan. 31, 2008, deadline for the Weitz Co. to stop building the Planned Parenthood abortion center. We pray that Weitz will make the right decision and remove itself." The article quotes the founder of the Collaborators Project Will Duffy: "My inspiration comes from those who have spent decades of their lives to stop an injustice. In 1989 when I was six, a handful of Colorado pro-lifers met outside Denver's main abortion mill and determined to launch a five-day-a-week protest there for as many years as Planned Parenthood is there killing kids, and they have missed less than 10 days in almost twenty years... and from hope that the next generation of pro-lifers will catch the vision of the Collaborator's Project and not permit child-killing with tranquility." The WorldNetDaily piece ends with the CP question about what potential Weitz customers would think in the future when their "high-end condos …, retirement communities, business facilities, golf courses" are targeted by abortion protesters.