Operation Rescue/OSA Will Honor Permanent Collaborator Status Against Weitz...
For Immediate Release (January 25, 2008):

Operation Rescue/OSA Weitz Watch Billion-dollar Firm May Get Hit with Permanent Collaborator Status

Operation Rescue/OSA joins other pro-life organizations watching to see if the Weitz construction firm will be designated with Permanent Collaborator Status. The Collaborators Project has given The Weitz Company, a billion-dollar construction firm, a deadline of January 31, 2008, to stop building a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in Denver. "If Weitz does not cease from constructing this abortion facility by January 31st," said the Collaborators Project founder Will Duffy, "we will designate their firm with Permanent Collaborator Status."

" Operation Rescue/OSA, the world's most well-known anti-abortion protest organization will honor Permanent Collaborator Status," said the Rev. Flip Benham, the group's national director. "We are planning contingency protests against Weitz to begin after February 1, and we will then encourage our members, wherever they live nationwide, to find the nearest Weitz location, and protest at their client's homes, sales offices and construction sites."

Operation Rescue led the non-violent civil disobedience movement that saw 50,000 arrests across America in the Christian effort that saved the lives of thousands of unborn children. Federal laws designed to keep abortion clinic doors open do not apply to collaborators. " As a billion-dollar firm that has actually built an abortion clinic," said Benham, "Weitz has set itself up as the hub, and its clients as the spokes, of a national collaborators project that will continue for as many years as Planned Parenthood is killing children in the building prepared by Weitz."

According to the Collaborator's Project website, permanent collaborator status (PCS) means that pro-lifers will expand the typical targets of protests, from abortion mills and abortionist homes, to include residential picketing of executives, business sites, and clients of any organization designated with PCS. "If the Collaborators Project designates the Des Moines Iowa-based firm with PCS," said Benham, "Operation Rescue will stand proudly with the state-wide organization, Colorado Right To Life, in our shared commitment to protest Weitz business and residential locations in recognition of permanent collaborator status.

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