Missionaries to the Preborn commends 'Collaborators Project'

Letter to Weitz from Missionaries founder Matt Trewhella:

Dear Mr. Hornaday, I am writing to inform you that Missionaries to the Preborn commends Will Duffy and the Collaborators Project for determining to hold your company accountable for its complicity with baby murder. … We started Missionaries to the Preborn in 1988 here in Wisconsin… now, Milwaukee, where our headquarters iss located, had eight abortion clinics when we started. There are only two left… We see the wisdom in Mr. Duffy’s effort. Therefore we will be making a long-term commitment to expose the complicity of your company with the barbaric Planned Parenthood organization. And by extension, we will expose any of your client’s complicity… We will commence our efforts in this regard in the month of March in the city of Des Moines if you are given permanent collaborators status. The Scripture commands us to “Reprove the oppressor” (Isaiah 1:17) and we intend to do exactly that. Please reconsider… -Pastor Matt Trewhella

Please see Pastor Trewhella's full letter to Weitz executive Bill Hornaday at the MTTP website! And see there the complete Missionaries' Weitz press release, excerpted here:

Missionaries to the Preborn commends 'Collaborators Project'

Missionaries to the Preborn is announcing that, if The Weitz Company is given permanent collaborator status by the Collaborators Project, they will commence publicly exposing the company’s complicity with Planned Parenthood’s practice of baby-murder.Missionaries to the Preborn is listed on Planned Parenthood’s own website as one of their 15 most dreaded enemies because of the profound impact of their street activism.


…Planned Parenthood boasts the murder of over 200,000 preborn babies in their own annual report from the year 2006. The Weitz Company is well aware of their actions. … We will not sit silently by while these little ones are exploited for corporate profit. If Weitz wants to try and secretly make blood money, we will publicly display the blood of their victims. We will display photographs of those killed by Planned Parenthood at Weitz' corporate functions, at their corporate offices, at their worksites, and in their executive’s neighborhoods.

— Pastor Matt Trewhella
Founder, Missionaries to the Preborn


Note: The Collaborators Project welcomes the support of longtime pro-life leader Matt Trewhella, one of the most effective and well-organized street activists in the nation. And the Collaborators Project encourages other street activists to follow Matt’s plan to protest Weitz by exposing “any of your client’s complicity.” Such an effort, home protesting of the executives of Weitz larger clients, will probably maximize the Collaborators Project goal of ensuring: No child killing with tranquility. -CP