Repent America To Help Expose The Weitz Company

The Collaborators Project welcomes the battle-hardened Christian activists of Repent America, including their founder Michael Marcavage, and thanks them for joining our effort against the billion-dollar Weitz firm constructing Denver's new abortion mill.

RA Announcement: Repent America (RA) is in complete support of the efforts of the Collaborators Project in opposition to The Weitz Company. It is our hope that The Weitz Company will honor the Collaborators Project deadline of January 31, 2008 by immediately removing itself from the construction of the Planned Parenthood abortuary in Denver, Colorado. If The Weitz Company fails to remove itself from the building project by the deadline, RA will be involved in organizing efforts against Weitz for being collaborators in the Abortion holocaust.

CP excerpt from Wikipedia: Among Repent America's efforts, on October 10, 2004, eleven members of Repent America were arrested and charged under Pennsylvania's hate crimes law while protesting at Outfest, a gay pride event in Philadelphia. On November 15, 2007, following a legal action brought by Repent America, the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court in a 4-to-1 decision struck down amendments to the state's "hate crimes" law... The published opinion, Marcavage v. Rendell, declared that the amendments... were "unconstitutional and therefore null and void..." Repent America has also worked against a similarly proposed federal "hate crimes" bill known as S.B. 1585 maintaining that such laws are proliferating the "criminalization of Christianity." In another RA effort, following the fallout over the intelligent design trial (Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District) where a George W. Bush nominated Republican federal judge decided that it was unconstitutional for Dover Area High School to inform students that Darwin's theory evolution is "not a fact," members of Repent America went door-to-door visiting thousands of homes to proselytize and invite residents to a creation seminar that it was sponsoring in the Dover Area High School auditorium. The event attracted much media attention and residents were overwhelmingly supportive of the effort, however, some were not so welcoming with one homeowner posting a "CREATIONISTS GO AWAY" sign on the front door.